Edgar Zeff Causey and Cornie Lee Arey where married March 22, 1915 in Greenville, Texas by Olen McQuirter with Walter Causey and Lela LaBeasley as witnesses.  They lived in Greenville TX and had four children  Beaulah  Lee Causey Morris, Clayton Weldon Causey , Raymond  Leon Causey and Peggy Jean Causey Wineinger. Edgar was a farmer at one time and then started hanging wallpaper and painting houses. Cornie worked at the Love-Knit sewing factory for many years. In 1943 the moved to 5701 Sayle, St in Greenville and lived there till both there deaths. Edgar died July 29,1958 and Cornie died August 13, 1987.


This was taken Easter around 1969 . Grandma Cornie always loved to sew and she had made all our outfits in this picture. Picture L-R Joy W. Phillips, Peggy Wineinger and Cornie Lee Causey

Living next door to grandma I have lots of wonderful memories of her . Grandma never drove so mom would take her most places she every went , Friday was grocery shopping day  and she would always get me to sneak and get her snuff and put it in the buggy and  I always got to keep the change on the refund on coke bottles she would return . I remember every time she sewed for someone she would make my  baby dolls cloths out of the scraps left over .  Saturday night  wrestling and popcorn being popped on the stove and the smell of coffee burring in the old coffee maker  in the morning and her frying eggs in her little cast iron skillet. I  never forgot the time she caught me riding someone else's horse and never telling on me but she  made  me promise I would never do it again.   Grandma could tell you more about the neighbors than they knew about themselves. LOL  I remember as soon as some would leave our house she was calling to see who they were and how mom and dad would get aggravated about it  . LOL   She would tell me stories of how she came to Texas on a cover wagon and how the team of mules would try to bite her, every time I talk about wanting a horse,  if she could only see how many I have now ! The last funny memory I had was when  Dale and  I got married I was given a lingerie party and someone had blown up condoms as center pieces and her coming in and wanting to know what was so funny and looking on the tables and saying  " Well I'm not that old I don't know what they are". 

Cornie Lee Causey As I Remember Her

1. Beaulah Lee Morris - She was born December 26, 1916  She married Willie Dee Morris December 24,1936 and they had three children Douglas N Morris, Julia Ann Morris Warren, and Betty Jane Morris Little. Willie Dee died in 1994 and  Beaulah died January 7, 2011 both are buried at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX..

2. Clayton Weldon Causey   He was born November 1,1918.He married Waunema Hart on September 6, 1941 they had three children Rodger Dale Causey, Glenda Causey Hubacek and Brenda Causey Hubacek. Clayton died August 26, 1986 and is buried with his wife at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

3 .Raymond Leon Causey  He was born April 15, 1923 in Greenville, Texas He was married to Nanie V Wingo  and they had six children Linda Gayle Causey Dixon , Ronnie Causey, Larry Paul Causey,  Susan Causey Harmon and two in sons that died as infants Wayne Ray  Causey, David Linn Causey. Leon and Nanie V. devoiced and he was married to Minnie may Causey and they had one son named Mark Causey.  They divorced and he was married to Treva Toon Causey till his death  on August 31, 1983 he is buried at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

4. Peggy Jean Wineinger   She was born July 9 1932 in Greenville TX and was married  to Leon Van Wineinger . They had two children Randy Leon Wineinger  born May7, 1955 and Joy Lynn Phillips born May 22, 1964. They are sill both living  in Greenville, TX .