Huey Wineinger and Hester Shelton were married August 4, 1918 in the home of George and Minnie Shelton in Greenville, Texas. Huey worked for the railroad and sometime in the late 1920's they moved to Ranger, Texas where he drove a truck for a feed store. In the 1940's they moved back to Greenville and he became a farmer. Hester was a housewife and raised there seven children Dewey, Ernest, Leon, Art, La Vern ( Lopez), Valton, and Joan (Combs). Huey died from a heart attack on February 27, 1968 and Hester died from heart failure on January 7, 1989 and they are buried  at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, Texas.

1. Dewey Wineinger - Born March 7, 1921 in Greenville, Texas. He married  Juanita Shipp January 29, 1944 in Greenville, Texas. They had three children Ronald Dewey Wineinger born December 24, 1945, Sandra Gayle Wilburn born  January 17, 1949, and Sherry Arlene Hamm born February 22, 1956.  Dewey died January 31, 1992 with cancer  and is buried at Forest Park Cemetery Greenville, Texas Juanita is still living and lives in Greenville .

2. Ernest Franklin Wineinger - Born December 1, 1924 in Greenville Texas. He married Cordeallia Robins January 30, 1948 . They had two children Monty Franklin Wineinger born November 2, 1952 and Kevin Mark Wineinger born August 19, 1957. Ernest died March 29, 2006 with cancer and is buried at Forest Park Cemetery Greenville, Texas. Cordeallia  is still living and lives in Greenville.

3. Leon Van Wineinger - Born June 7, 1929 in Ranger, Texas. He married Peggy Jean Causey April 14, 1950 in Greenville Texas. He had two children Randy Leon Wineinger born May 7,1955 and Joy Lynn Phillips born May 22, 1964 .  Leon and Peggy live in Greenville. Leon passed away March10, 2017 with lung cancer and is buried at Forest Park Cemetary Greenville Texas

4. Art Eugene Wineinger - Born April 2, 1931 in Ranger Texas. He married Marietta Herring  December 4, 1954 .  They had two children  Kathy Jane McKinnon born June 14, 1955 and Renita Kay Shoemaker  born June 8, 1959. Art died February 1, 2006 with a heart attack and is buried at Forest Park Cemetery Greenville, Texas. Rita passed away 2013.

5. La Verne Wineinger Lopez - Born December 24, 1933 in Ranger, Texas  She was married to Frank Lopez September 27, 1958 . They had three children Debbie Ann Wineinger, born October26, 1953 , Belinda Gayle Lopez born May 1, 1962, and  Lori Deneen Lopez born August 14, 1964  . Frank died in 1974  from a swimming accident  and La Verne died November 5, 1976 from a automobile accident . They are both buried at Memoryland Memorial Park in Greenville, Texas.

6. Valton Ross Wineinger - Born May 5, 1936 in Ranger, Texas . He was married to Margaret Naomia Bedding field  on August 8, 1958 .  They had  twins girls  Vicky Rashel Brown  and Becky Mashel  Billarreal  born December 11, 1964. Both Valton and Margaret live in Greenville.

7.  Joan Wineinger Combs - Born November 6, 1938 in Ranger Texas. She married Jerry Dwayne Combs on July 26, 1958 . They had two Children  Dinah Ann Rainey born June 8,1959 and Lisa Lynn Westbrook born January 18, 1962. Joan is  living with her daughter Lisa  and Jerry died February 20, 2005 and is buried at Memoryland Memorial Park in Greenville, Texas