George Emmett Arey  born February 20, 1858 to John Harrison Arey and Mary Jane Young Arey he had four siblings Robert Creed Fulton Arey 1851-1930, Nancy Louise Arey 1852-1943, Elizabeth Arey 1856-1870 and John C Arey 1859-1871.  His wife Addie Lynton Kimberling  born June 1, 1860  to Jacob "Jack" Kimberling  and Mariah Babb Kimberling she had nine siblings  Hyram, Hopkins  Maervy, John, Mary, Dock, Morgan, and twins Peter and Anna. Records show they lived in Rocky Station, Lee County, Virginia .George's first wife was Mollie E Arey which died from a miscarriage and they had four children together. George and Addie were married September 1889 and together they had  six child of their on. They moved from Lee County ,Virginia, in 1896 and settle in East Texas. George died March 28, 1941 and Addie died January 9, 1960 . They are both buried in  Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX. 

Information On All Ten Children George And Addie Arey Raised

1. Bradley T. Arey -  He was born July 28, 1879 in Lee County, Virginia.  He was married to  Lou Arey and they had four children together Waldine Deloris Arey, Whitton Are children y, Modelle M. Arey, Beverly T. Arey.  Bradley and Lou divorced and he was  to married  Laura Arey but the had notogether. He died February 10, 1966 with a heart attack and is buried in West Lawn Memorial Park in Eugene, OR.

2. Nettie Arey Hartley-She was born July 4,1881 in Lee County, Virginia. She married Orville Morton Hartley September 25, 1904 .They had one daughter Margie Lucille Hartley Buck which died at age 24 from a miscarriage. Nettie died January 9, 1964 of cancer of the kidneys. Nettie And Orville are buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

3.Orville Samuel Arey- He was born February 23, 1883 in Lee County, Virginia . He  was married to Narcissus Pittman January 17, 1905 and  they had seven children  Elbert Lee Arey,  Ernest Arey, Alta Cecil Arey, Weldon Arey, Ulis C Arey, Buddy Arey and  Geneva  Arey Ellis. Orville died January 15, 1959 in an automobile accident in Greenville, TX. Orville and  Narcissus are buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery in Caddo Mill, TX.

4.Joseph Marvin Arey - He was born September 5, 1885 Lee County, Virginia. He was married to Anne Mae Arey and they had one child named Leighton Arey.  They divorced and he married Anne Bella Honea and they had two children  Joseph Marvin Arey Jr, and Joye Arey Dyree. Joseph owned a barber shop in Abilene, TX  Joseph died  March 24, 1960 from a heart attack. Joseph and Anne Belle are buried in Abilene City Cemetery  in Abilene, TX.

5. Milford Arey- He was born April 13, 1891 Lee County, Virginia.. He was married June 11,1911 to Ova Mae Tettleton they had five children  Lonnie Arey,  Bernice Arey, Marie Arey, Fred Arey, George Emmit Arey II. Milford died Sept 29,1966 from a heart attack . Milford and Ova are buried in Forest Park Cemetery,  Greenville, TX.

6. William Rosebirt Arey (Robert)-  He was born in September 2, 1892 at Sicklerville, Virginia. He was married to Birdie Johnson  February 14, 1913 . Birdie Died in 1916.  He married  Mamie M Renfro in 1918  and they one son named  Robert Nolan Arey.( Bobby) . Robert and Bobby were killed in a train accident in Parsons, Kansas    Robert died March 5, 1960 .They are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Parsons, Kansas.

7.Myrtle Kate Arey Mullins- She was born 1895 in Richmond, Virginia. She married Charles W. Mullins October 23,1916 and they had two children  Ruby G. Mullins Doyle and Milton Ray Mullins. Myrtle died  June 30 ,1938 with cancer of the liver. This whole family is buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

8. Cornie Lee Arey Causey - She was born August 9, 1896 in Richmond, Virginia. She married Edgar Zeff Causey  March 22, 1915 in Greenville, TX. They had four children  Beaulah  Lee Causey Morris, born December 26,1916  and is still living, Clayton Weldon Causey born November 1,1918  died August 26, 1986 , Raymond  Leon Causey born March 15,1923 died August 31,1983 and Peggy Jean Causey Wineinger born July 9, 1932 and is still living . Cornie died August 13, 1987  she went peacefully in her sleep at the Green Crest Manor nursing home in Greenville, TX. Cornie and Zeff are buried at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

9.Emmett Floyd Arey -He was born November 3, 1901 in Greenville, TX. He was married  to Alice Arey and  they had two children Windell R Arey (died at age 28 after being shot) and Paul M Arey (died at age 10 in a car related accident). They divorced and he married  Pearl Green which they had no children together but they divorced.  He married Margie Morris and had one daughter  named Betty Jean Arey . They divorced and he married Willy Arey and they had two children Sandra Arey (that died at birth), Donna Kay Arey and one stepdaughter Amiteen Griffin.  Emmett died March 29, 1946  with appendicitis and was buried with his two sons at Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, TX.

 10. Tenah Mary Arey Coats - She was born June 22, 1905 in the Dixon Community (near Greenville). She was married John Causey October 13, 1923 they had one daughter  Helen Causey Abbott Layman. They divorced and   she married Henry Lee Coats October 5,1941 and they one daughter Joan East. She died January 5, 1985 with leukemia and is buried in Memorial Land  in Greenville, TX.